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Company Profile

Romoil is a trading company working in the oil and gas industry, its main activity is the commercialization of specific oil and gas materials and equipment.


Romoil partners have built over the years a strong and exclusive partnership with the main Romanian manufacturers, as well as international manufacters.


All managerial efforts were focused to fulfill our four main objectives: to train the personnel, to ensure a high quality of services, to satisfy the client's needs, and to protect the environment.

Accordingly ROMOIL was certified by AEROQ with the quality-environment integrated management system ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996


From casing to laboratory equipment, from a turnkey LNG plant to chemicals, from drilling rigs to refineries, Romoil International will procure you the needed equipment in time, according to specifications and at competitive price.


Our recognized value added:

           Our deep understanding of the O&G industry international standards ensures we always provide products and equipment that comply with the most restricting requirements and exceed our customer needs.

           Our exclusive and extensive network within the Romanian and international Oilfield suppliers worldwide ensure efficient and timely sourcing of materials and Products.

           Our experience in procurement and logistics in the most remote area of world and especially Africa and Middle East ensure smooth delivery, installation, commissioning and set-up within our customer organization.

           Our competitive pricing through efficient negotiated sourcing, effective logistics and a network of local support team.

           Our quick response time.

           Our Financial strength.
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